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InnoCap is a program financed by the EIT Urban Mobility, and aims to promote innovation and capacity building in the areas of urban mobility in Portugal, Italy, Bulgaria, Malta and Greece. This program will have the following events:

·   Mobilithon – urban mobility challenges launched by cities where citizens are called to propose solutions;

·   Ambassadors program to promote the EIT Urban Mobility activities.

The goal of the program is to foster the collaboration between cities and individuals/ students, for the development of collaborations or partnerships.




The InnoCap Ambassadors program aims to increase awareness about the EIT Urban Mobility initiative and its activities while educating students in sustainable urban mobility and increasing networking and interaction among RIS countries.




The InnoCap Mobilithon intends to engage citizens in the process of thinking of how we can address cities' mobility issues. It is an online competiton where citizens are invited to design and present solutions for the mobility challenges towards sustainability of a certain city.


Citizens, students, young professionals, practitioners are encouraged to be participants of the Mobilithon aiming to understand the complexity of mobility systems and travel behaviour and come up with innovative solutions for a more sustainable urban mobility future in their city, as well as creative tools for stakeholder collaboration and co-creation.


The participants in the Mobilithon will have the possibility to use their diverse skills and knowledge and will work in teams to develop a solution to the problem defined. No specific skills are required as fully accessible tools will be used without the need for prior preparation. The event will be fully practical oriented.


You can apply as a single person or as a team. Each team can consist of 3 to 5 participants. Have in mind: the best teams are composed of diversified participants with various experience, skills however all with great motivation for the topic, which then leads to development of more mature and holistic ideas.


The Mobilithon competitions will be launched in the partner countries in the frame of one month and will take place in October. The challenges will be collaboratively formulated with the challenge owners from the different locations.


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